F7-S One Task: An Intelligent Assistant Platform

PIs: Andy Li, Dapeng Wu, Amy Pan

The goals of this project are to design and develop an Intelligent Task Management Platform with task-oriented assistants for commercial and education services, design and develop an open-domain question answering system, and design and develop a deep neural model for question answering with external Knowledge Base.

The project will utilize the following methods:

  • OneTask: Intelligent Task Management Platform for commercial and education
  • Task-oriented Assistant: Intelligent
    assistant for customer service, content
    recommendation and question generation.
  • Open-domain Question Answering:
    • Deep Neural Reasoning: With Hierarchical RNN
      and Structured Multi-hop Attention, we propose a
      position-aware and answer-aware question
      answering model.
    • Question Answering with External KB: By
      taking the advantage of precise and accurate entity
      representation in KB, we plan to develop an
      Attentive Question Answering model for KB. With
      mixture of experts, we combine them both together
      for open-domain QA.