An IUCRC is a collaborative effort among universities, large and small companies, state and government agencies, and other organizations for the purpose of conducting pre-competitive research of shared value. This model has been successfully utilized and refined for over 40 years. [NSF IUCRC Program] [NSF IUCRC Brochure] [Information for Industry and Other Members] [http://iucrc.org]

Mission of NSF IUCRCs

  • Grow the U.S. innovation capacity by developing long-term partnerships among industry, academe, and government.
  • Leverage NSF funds with industry to support and train the next generation workforce within a global context.


  • Research Projects
    • iucrc-modelFaculty Propose with Feedback from Industry Partners
    • Meeting Industry/Real-World Needs
  • Screening
    • Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) and NSF
      • Voting, Feedback
  • Execution
    • Faculty, Students, and Industry Mentors/Collaborators
    • Weekly or Biweekly or Monthly Tele-conferencing
    • Monthly Progress Report
    • Regular Interactions on our Task Management Platform
  • Milestones and Face-to-Face Interactions
    • Semiannual Meetings
    • IAB discussions and brainstorming
    • Faculty & student teams: presentations, posters, panels, and brainstorming
    • Locations rotate among university sites and industry partners (planned collectively)
  • Member Benefits
    • Creating intelligence, leveraging NSF funds and collective wisdom from academia, industry, and governments.
    • Realizing a 10:1 return on investment.
    • Royalty-free non-exclusive licensing of Center IP of all sites.
    • Accessing excellent students
    • Joining peer members from high-profile companies and research labs
    • Collaborating with competitors on a pre-competitive partnership platform