Join the CBL Faculty Team

Join the CBL Faculty Team


The Center for Big Learning is a Phase I National Science Foundation supported Industry University Cooperative Research Center founded in 2018. NSF IUCRCs generate breakthrough
research by enabling close and sustained engagement between industry, academia, and government agencies.

If you would like to join us, contact:

CBL Director:

Dr. Joel Harley,

UMKC Site Director:

Dr. Zhu Li,

UO Site Director:

Dr. Thien Nguyen,

CBL Coordinator:

Cortland Bailey,


  • Faculty can submit proposals for project of $50k or more to the industrial advisory board (IAB)
  • Project proposals are submitted at the June IAB meeting. IAB votes on the continuing and new projects to be funded each year.
  • New industry members can start fund a project of their choice when they join (as a perk for joining)
  • Faculty members will have regular interactions with industry members and insight into industry needs
  • Faculty will share regular research updates with the IAB
  • Faculty members can participate in CBL training and networking events

How to Become a Faculty Member

  • Contact the center director or center site director (contact information above) and provide your research interests
  • Any and all faculty members are encouraged to join or semi-annual center meetings with the IAB