The mission of the NSF Center for Big Learning (CBL) is to explore and pioneer research frontiers in emerging large-scale deep learning for a broad spectrum of big data applications, design novel intelligent platforms to enable big learning research and applications, transfer research discoveries to meet urgent needs in industry with our diverse center members, and nurture our next generation talents in a mixed academic and industry setting with real-world relevance and significance via the industry-university consortium.

Big Learning Consortium

The consortium is composed of three academic sites across the country and a large number (50+) of industry partners: University of Florida (UF, East), University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC, Central), and University of Oregon (UO, West). Faculty members (60+) at these three sites have the comprehensive expertise, covering key research themes and application disciplines. We welcome more industry partners to join us. The consortium is sponsored by NSF and industry members over the world.

Major Thrust Areas

Deep Learning

  • Deep Architecture, Deep Neural Network, Deep Belief Network, Convolutional Neural Network, Recurrent Neural Network, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Brain-Inspired Models and Algorithms
  • Generative Models, Adversarial Networks, Attention Models, Memory Networks, Neural Computers
  • Media (Image, Video, Speech, Text), Data (Business, Health, IoT, Life, Eng., Science)
Leveraging Classic Machine Learning
  • Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement Learning, Graphical Models, Kernels
  • Learning Representation, Transfer Learning, Active Learning, Ensemble

Deep Learning Systems and Platforms

  • DL Systems: Parallel and Distributed Engine, SDK, API
  • DL Platforms: Intelligent Platforms for Training, Inference, Services, and Applications


  • Business: E-commerce, CRM, Finance, Recommender, Risk, Search, Surveillance, Defense, Blockchain
  • Health: Precision Medicine, Bioinformatics, Diagnosis, Genomics, Imaging, Agriculture, Computational Biology
  • IoT: CPS, Mobile, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicle, Smart City, Smart Sensing, Precision Education, Crowdsourcing, Precision Agriculture
  • Security: Cybersecurity, Privacy, Network Security, System Security, Mobile Privacy, IoT Security, Business Security, Data Security and Privacy, Cloud Security


The National Science Foundation Industry & University Cooperative Research Centers (IUCRC) Program supports collaborative efforts among universities, large and small companies, state and government agencies, and other organizations for the purpose of conducting pre-competitive research of shared value. This model has been successfully utilized and refined for over 30 years. [IUCRC Program]  [NSF IUCRC Brochure]

Mission of NSF IUCRC

  • Grow the U.S. innovation capacity by developing long-term partnerships among industry, academe, and government
  • Leverage NSF funds with industry to support and train the next generation workforce within a global context