M12 AI-Driven Precision Music DJing for Elderlies and People in Need

PI: Sejun Song and Baek-Young Choi

The objective of this project is for AI to select the best music for elderlies and people in need. The success of this project will lead to some amazingly transformative results in the treatment of dementia through music.


  • From manual emotion detection to AI-driven automatic emotion sensing
  • From manual music selection to AI-driven precision music DJing
  • From manual wearing headphones by care-givers to build wearable bone-conduction headphones in various form-factors


  • Sensing emotions with connected sensors and AI-driven visual sensing software
  • AI-driven precision music DJing and recommendation system
  • Bone-conduction BLE headphones with various form-factors (glasses, hearing aid, etc.)
  • Sensing and feedback mechanisms