CBL Congratulates Year 4 Project Principal Investigators

Please join the NSF Center for Big Learning (CBL) in congratulating Dr. Dapeng Oliver Wu (UF), Dr. Alina Zare (UF), Dr. Paul Gader (UF), Dr. Yugyung Lee (UMKC), Dr. Reza Derakhshani (UMKC), Dr. Zhu Li (UMKC), Dr. Praveen Rao (UMKC), Dr. Thien Nguyen (UO), and Dr. Dejing Dou (UO).  The Center’s Industrial Advisory Board have chosen their projects for funding in 2021-2022.   CBL, an NSF IUCRC, is a research consortium focusing on large-scale deep learning (DL), intelligent platforms, and DL-enabled big data applications in a broad spectrum of disciplines.  These projects will contribute greatly to CBLs mission and long-term goals. The selected year 4 projects are listed below.

CBL Site Project Principal Investigator(s) Project Title
UF Dr. Dapeng Wu Explainable Commonsense Question Answering
UF Dr. Dapeng Wu DeepSLAM: Object Detection, Re-identification and Prediction with Implicit Mapping
UF Dr. Alina Zare and Dr. Paul Gader Adaptive Manifold Learning for Multisensor Translation and Fusion given Missing Data
UF Dr. Dapeng Wu Machine-Learning-Enabled Video Coding Strategy
UMKC Dr. Yugyung Lee FedBlain: Federated Learning for Privacy-Preserving using Blockchain
UMKC Dr. Reza Derakhshani Secure Inner Product for privacy preserving pattern matching
UMKC Dr. Zhu Li Deep Learning in Video Compression
UMKC Dr. Zhu Li Point Cloud Denoising
UMKC Dr. Praveen Rao Deep Learning for Energy Usage Prediction in Sustainable Building Design
UMKC Dr. Zhu Li Video De-Duplication
UO Dr. Thien Nguyen Semantic Deep Learning for Electronic Health Records
UO Dr. Dejing Dou Ontology-based Deep Learning with Explanation for Human Behavior Prediction